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Roof Inspection Services

Roof Inspection Services in Canton

That Can Save You Thousands

Filing a damage claim with your insurance provider after your roof has been damaged from storms, wind, or hail is often a nightmare. Not only are you dealing with an emergency repair to protect your property, but insurance providers will also do everything they can to pay out as little as possible. When filing a claim, you need an insurance roofing contractor on your side and in your corner. A successful insurance claim begins with an expert-led, thorough inspection of your roof.

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Roof Inspection Services Michigan

Roof Damage Inspection Michigan

From the Ridge of Your Roof to the Downspouts, We Perform a Full Inspection of Your Metro Detroit Home to Identify Damage

Your home's roof is a complex system of components designed to protect the interior of your home from water damage. A severe wind or hail storm can compromise any number of these components, exposing delicate interior structures to weather damage. When we perform an inspection, we conduct a detailed survey of every system that makes up your roof. We begin by doing a walk around your home, looking for obvious signs of wear or damage. We are looking for missing shingles or pockmarks that might indicate hail damage, noting any issues to examine more closely. We look for moss or algae build-up areas, a common occurrence in Canton homes, that may indicate water damage has occurred to the underlayer of your roof.

We then move to your roof itself. From up close, we look for buckled or loose shingles and examine any pockmarking we saw from the ground to determine its severity. Looking closely at your shingles' texture, we can decide if they have aged to the point where they are no longer protecting the underlayer. We examine your gutters to see how well they function to keeping water runoff away from your home's foundation.

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A Detailed Roof Inspection That is Meticulously Documented is Critical For making a Successful Insurance Claim

When filing your insurance claim, your insurer may not be convinced that the damage to your roof is covered in your policy. An insufficient inspection performed by a sub-par contractor with little documentation is a recipe for a denied or reduced insurance payout. We have seen this scenario repeatedly, and it was why we founded NorthGate Construction in the first place. When we conduct a roof inspection, we are creating a detailed list of every issue we uncover. We document everything we see in writing and photos. We even use drone photography to reach places other insurance roofing contractors cannot identify hidden damage to help you make a case for your claim. During the insurance claim process, we act as your representative when dealing with your insurance company. Our attention to detail and knowledge of the industry has made us well respected with the insurance companies processing homeowners in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties. If you need your damage claim to result in a payment, we are the roofing professionals that can help.

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Detailed Roof Inspection Michigan

I had an awesome experience with this company! They were very responsive when needing a roof done. They did an amazing job & I wouldn’t go through anyone else but this company! Source IconChelsea B.
I had a great experience with NorthGate Construction and specifically Kelsey Homer, our sales rep. She was very professional and the crew did a great job. The clean up process stunned me. I would highly recommend NorthGate to anyone. Source IconEmma J.