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Roof Replacement Services

Roof Replacement Services For Storm Damaged Homes in Canton, MI

Michigan storms can take a tremendous toll on your home. High winds blow shingles away, exposing your roof's fragile base layer. Hail punches holes in your home's protective layer. When damage like this occurs, you need to take quick action to protect the investment you have made in your property. Northgate Construction, located in Canton, MI, is the primer roof replacement contractor serving Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties. We specialize in roof replacements for homes damaged in storms. Our experience allows us to assess the damage accurately, communicate with your insurance provider, and install a beautiful and durable new roof, often at no cost to you.

Roof Replacement Services Michigan

Roofing Replacement Company Michigan

Assessing Roof Damage After a Storm

The first step in any roof replacement project is understanding the extent of wind and hail damage. This assessment needs to be conducted by a roofing expert looking beyond cosmetic damage to discover hidden issues. Many homeowners, and some contractors, overlook these issues leading to smaller insurance payouts and lingering problems that will only worsen with time. NorthGate Construction performs full inspections on all of your roof's structural components, documenting any issue so that we can build a strong case for your insurance claim. If you are facing a roof repair, do not leave money on the table. Contact us today for a free inspection to help you get the biggest payment possible from your claim.

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Our Roof Replacement Process Allows Us to Complete your Project While Delivering the Craftsmanship You Expect

When you hire NorthGate Construction to conduct a roof replacement, know that you are working with the absolute best insurance roofing contractors in Canton, MI. We have perfected our system and services to deliver best-in-industry quality results while working quickly to minimize disruption to your family. When our team arrives, we will begin to prep your home for your new roof. We start by ensuring that your home and property is protected from falling debris. We remove or cover any vents, satellite dishes, or skylights. We then remove your old shingles and underlayment, flattening or removing any nails or staples we find, and secure any flashings.

With your roof now prepped, we apply a felt underlayment to your roof's decking material to protect it from moisture. We then start the process of shingling your roof with laminated architectural shingles according to the look you requested in our initial project planning. When we finish, we perform a thorough clean up of your property, removing loose nails, staples, and other debris. The result is a beautiful and durable new roof that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

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insurance roofing contractors Michigan

Roofing Contractors Michigan

Let Us Handle Your Insurance Company

Roof replacement is a significant investment that, unfortunately, is often required after unforeseen, and sudden storm damage has occurred. Insurance companies often push back or attempt to minimize payments to homeowners filing a claim, arguing that they will not cover the repairs for any number of reasons. We started NorthGate Construction because we were tired of seeing homeowners being taken advantage of during the insurance claim process. When you hire us for your roof replacement needs, we will be the ones communicating with your insurance company. Our expertise in damage assessment and roof installation allows us to build the best case for your claim. Our knowledge of the roofing industry has gained us much respect among insurance providers, and we are their preferred roofing contractor operating in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb County. If your neighborhood has recently experienced a bad storm, contact us today for a free roof inspection and see if you qualify for a free roof.

Working with Northgate was easy and painless. Kelsey was a wonderful representative throughout the process. Roof done in one day after insurance was approved. Great clean up too. Source IconAmy L.
Kelsey was amazing to work with. She was very professional and made the experience of getting my roof repaired stress free. Will definitely be contacting Northgate again in the future! Source IconEmily W.